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May 02, 2005


Yes, the Bible has some hints of truth. The most striking, and telling, is one of omission. While Christianity is hailed as treating women fairly and equally, despite what society has done with it, we see how the New Testament denounces women as important purveyors of heavenly knowledge and wisdom.

Consider the importance of Ruth, Esther and Judith in the Old Testament. So much so that their names are the title of Judao-Christian testamentary books. But we find no book of Mary or Elizabeth in the New Testament. The women that had direct and carnal contact with messanger spirits, the holy spirit and jesus himself, do not have their stories told.

In fact there is no evidence that the authors of the New Testament books ever interviewed Mary and Elizabeth after John and Jesus' death. And the women who were spoken to and impregnated by the hand of God, kept quiet and taught nothing of it.


I think you hit it on the head !!

The core premise of Man being the utlimate God figure is a lot of lacky in the Church of today !!

When God created man, "she" undoubtly knew that the true test of man would be the simple fact of equality amongst all beings. To treat one another like thyself. .. and in the bigger schematic of things, I think thats why Eve actually offered Adam the apple to begin this whole truth discovery process !!

Sandra McDowell

Hi there, came across your page and thought you might be interested in my husband's book "The Gospel According To Star Wars" by John C. McDowell. It is published by Westminster John Knox Press and sounds right up your street. He is a lecturer in Systematic Theology at Edinburgh University but Star Wars is his great love!

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