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January 09, 2006


james governor

already tested by google? come on pd. google only announced the fricking thing last friday.

and questions of scale? we know MS can do updates across hundreds of millions of PCs. do we know google can?

i take you point about the model, but the claim google has tested it, seems tenuous to me.


James, I'll retract the test part!!

The concept has already been tested by Google Pack. Remember the auto updater function in google ?? Its there and it works (at least for me)... So IMHO, Googles is ahead of the curve on that race.. They are collecting more stat's data then MSFT. Vista Release will come out Q1/07 ..correct ?

So googs will have more consumer stat's data by that time..


ok, did I make sense above ?? I typed in haste.

James, the fun part of GooglePack is their Auto Updater- which is similar to the visat "requiring a wipe and reload of the system" !!

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