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February 21, 2005



Depends what service one uses. I have tried all the companies. UPS delivers, but thier price sucks. Fedx does not deliver but their price sucks.


in order of 'suckiness' (with 1 being the worst)
2) UPS
3) DHL

Ground Shipper

My comments apply only to Ground Shipping.

I used to love DHL/Airborne. They always shipped faster and cheaper for ground service then the other 2. That was until they posted one of my payments to someone else's account. Even after 3 faxes of proof that they cashed my check they still haven't reinstated my account after 2 months! They tell me we see it, but can't do anything for X days. Each time is a different story. Hey DHL you screwed up. Fix it!

UPS is the dinosaur. Yeah they are large, but hands down the slowest and most expensive.

Fedex has become my newest "primary", but their website shipping has way too many steps. Needs some simplification for retail. Their prices are better than UPS by far on ground service and their shipping is fairly quick as well.

Of all 3 DHL has the best deal on pick up. If you have 5 or more packages. Free pick up. No schedules or nothing to worry about. Just hop on their site and schedule it. The other 2 either have a minimum bill or weekly charge for this service. AND if you don't meet either you are slapped with a $4 PER PIECE charge!!!


So for ground shipping, you are saying FEDEX wins. Yes it seems to tie in with the North American volume increase and market capitalization of Q4/04.

What will interesting to see how much they will retain with gas prices skyrocketing!


So for ground shipping, you are saying FEDEX wins. Yes it seems to tie in with the North American volume increase and market capitalization of Q4/04.

What will interesting to see how much they will retain with gas prices skyrocketing!


Dhl sucks the most, they loose packages and the managers make it your fault. They have drivers that can not read the address on the label, drop it off without a signature anywhere on their route and then forget what happened. If not then they are just plain thieves.


Wow Mike, that's a strong Word." just plain thieves" - Dont you think that Human aspect of their drivers are just not having enough customer training ? Or did this slipped off the corporate radar ??

DHL Sucks Bigtime. They drop packages and dont leave a message if they have missed or if its delivered at apartment office.


DHL SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stupid driver didn't want to drive a extra 18 miles that day so he went to the post office and mailed my package to me.
It took two more days to get here.

What do they pay these people $2.00 an hour ?

The delivery guy looks like a retard ! He doesn't give a S*&% if you get your package or not !

FedEx is just about as bad !

I have been dealing with UPS for many years and have never had a problem with them.

For the people that think UPS is too expensive all I have to say is "You Get What You Pay For"

Another Mike

While I didn't have any problems with DHL's delivery people or the time it took for them to deliver in the one time that I used them (last December), their billing department totally sucks. I bought an item from overseas and they paid the duty on it upfront. A few weeks after I received the item, they sent me an invoice to reimburse them for the duty. This invoice didn't really look like an invoice as it was not very clear what exactly it was for nor did it have a due date on it. I sat on it for a little while and then decided that I better call them about it to make sure it was what I thought it was before I paid it. They confirmed that it was for reimbursement of the duty charge. Within a day or two, I mailed them a check along with the invoice to pay them back. Sure enough, I received a late notice from them a couple weeks afterward. I called them about this and the woman on the phone said that it must have crossed with my check in the mail and that everything was ok. Unfortunately, I received another late notice from them about a month after this. I was really irate now and called them again about this, this time recording the conversation. I provided all of the information about the invoice and the cancelled check and the woman this time said that everything would be cleared up in about 10 - 15 days if there were no problems. If there were any problems, they would call me. Since I never received a call from them, I assumed that everything was cleared up. However, last Monday I received a letter from a collection agency that DHL now has going after me over this. I sent DHL's billing department, DHL's headquarters, and the collection agency a very hostile letter about this which included photocopies of the cancelled check and all of their invoices. In the letter, I threatened to contact a lawyer if they mess up my credit in spite of the fact that I have already paid them. This was my first time using DHL and it will most certainly be my last time. Aside from their billing, their services may be ok. However, billing is important and if they are too cheap to have a good billing system in place, they are going to screw over their customers like this. As far as I am concerned, they should scrap their current billing system and replace it with something better before firing everyone in their billing department.

As for UPS, I am a little hesitant to use them after they screwed over my best friend. He used to work for them and hurt his back lifting packages. After getting into a legal battle with them when they tried to find ways to terminate him for not being able to work, they gave him a different job monitoring their sorting machines. He held this job (and did very well at it) for many years but eventually hurt his back again. This time, they did find a way to terminate him. In addition to this, he hurt his back so back that he needed surgery and became heavily addicted to painkillers. His back hurt so bad that even large amounts of morphine administered in a hospital couldn't eliminate the pain. Sadly, last September he overdosed on weaker painkillers (which he was taking to break his addiction) and died. While it may not have been UPS's fault that he died, they certainly did everything they possibly could to make his life even more difficult and in all likelihood, violated the Americans With Disabilities Act in terminating him. I have never had any problems with any of UPS's services (and have used them more frequenly than anyone else) but now I feel guilty about shipping through them. My friend had many good stories from when he worked at UPS. On several occasions, small, heavy packages of nuts and bolts broke open on the rollers and almost ruined them. The entire line had to be shut down for over 15 minutes while he and others cleaned up the mess. On another occasion, a package of dildos broke open on a belt which he had to clean up. His favorite, though, were these poorly wrapped packages of flourescent light bulbs that some idiots constantly shipped. Because they were not wrapped very well, even a small drop from a belt was enough to break them (my friend always got a good laugh everytime he saw one of these packages go off the end of a belt and then hear crash sound). Despite the bulbs being constantly broken and UPS telling the shippers about this, they continued to ship them packaged poorly. My friend also had good stories about his coworkers. Some of them were able to recognize which packages were shipped by companies who shipped food products and they would open them and eat the contents on a few occasions (especially the ones that contained potato chips). On other occasions, they urinated on packages in trucks and one person actually pooped in a truck on his last day of work. Certain people would also wear very large coats in the winter so that they could steal small packages (hiding them in the zippered coat). Eventually UPS had to start searching the workers while they were leaving to ensure that they did not steal any packages. Although nothing that I ever received from UPS was damaged, my friend told me that at his hub alone, two whole warehouses were filled with damaged packaged every Christmas.

Oh well, I guess it looks like I am going to be using FedEx for now on.


Nice Comments Mike. That was quite the story. So from what I read, you have issues with DHL (billing) and UPS ( People Management ). Is this correct ???

But with FEDEX you have NOT YET faced issue's ??

Another Mike

Yes Peter. That pretty much sums it up. I suppose that if I used FedEx enough, I would probably have a bad experience with them eventually. I guess a good analogy here is a restaurant analogy. FedEx is the restaurant that I visit infrequently but have never yet had a bad experience at. UPS is the restaurant that I have been to many times but feel bad for the people who work there and the abuse that they endure from their managers. DHL, on the other hand, is the restaurant that I have only been to once and while the food tasted ok, I got so sick from eating it that I ended up in the hospital for a few months afterward. Even though others may have eaten there and not gotten sick, I just can't go back there to eat again.

I also wanted to mention that the item I received from England through DHL was a bass guitar worth over $2000. Although the combination of the shipping, insurance, and duty is still less than what the airfare would have cost to fly to England to pick up the guitar myself, I would choose the latter option if I had to choose between it and having the guitar shipped through DHL. Of course, having it shipped through either FedEx or UPS would be ideal.


but Mike, either way you will never know if the guiter scenario will be handled ok , unless you buy and ship thru UPS or Fedex correct ?? :)-

Yes, I love your restaurant analogy kinda hits your right there.. in the guts...!!

Eli Sarver

I rank them from best to worst: FDX, UPS, DHL. FDX is expensive but competent. UPS breaks things. DHL has never managed to get anything to me competently. One time they delivered to Eli Lilly, which had an office in the same building. While my name is Eli, it doesn't mean that's the name of my office. Recently, they 'lost' a $999 camera, and I'm made to suffer for two weeks while a replacement is arranged.


So did dhl offer you an apology for the mishap Eli ?

Did they try to elevate your confidence factor ?or was it just sorry you package can't be found please inform the shipper status ?


If I had to choose, it would have to be FedEx. DHL is owned by the German govt and basically has enough money to buy and sell both UPS nad FedEx. They can afford to "buy" the business at cheaper than dirt rates, but their service just can't back it up. Have you noticed how they aren't advertising as much anymore? Their CEO of US operations has pulled the ads until they get their network up to speed. They dont even think they will break even on their expenses to get into the US market for another 2 years! DHL is not trying to be #1, they are shooting for #3 at best. I wouldnt trust my shipment to a company that wants to be the third best. would you? UPS is the biggest dog on the block. They have an old school way of doing things. Basically, it's their way or the highway. The big brown machine chews up small shippers and spits them out. My choice, FedEx. They are innovative and my sales rep is the hardest working man I know. FedEx rules!


jdogg: I think you are wrong on "DHL is owned by the German govt and basically has enough money to buy and sell both UPS nad FedEx.".

DHL's Gross Revenue for Yr04 is approx 15B, where as FEDX and UPS reach well over 60B.

DHL does not have the money to buy either FEDEX or UPS. These are the facts that can be culled from NYSE /SEC and Germany's Stock exchange !!


Nice forum guys!

All I have to say is that "I WILL NEVER EVER USE DHL AGAIN EVER". The most unorganized, disgraceful, mismanaged and unreliable courier at least here in Canada.
This is the crisis that right now I am stock in it. it is a little long story but surely worth reading it.

it was about a month ago that a business in Dubai, UAE contacted me to ask for some parts for their computer project. After I offered them my best deal they accepted it. So I bought the goods from the U.S. For their shipping from U.S I used my DHL account that has some corporate discount on it. The shipper send them express and prior to their arrivals I called DHL and informed them about the shipment. I previously had imported goods through DHL to Canada and I knew for sure that DHL had my information for customs clearance purposes, Though I provided the information again just to make sure everything will go through. As I was tracking my packages online, I kept seeing the message "Shipment on Hold" for three days, and I even once called DHL and they just said that the customs is busy and I have to be patient. After being patient for another couple days someone called from DHL with this message ( I know you are not going to believe it ).

" Hi, this is Sue calling from DHL, you have a few packages at customs to be cleared, I just need some information, please call me back at 905*******. Thanks bye"

As you are already guessing, I exploded when I got this message. I called the number, and threw a lotta shit to the gal and all I heard was apology. Anyhow the packages got through. The whole thing took about 7 business days for a express shipping.

I contacted my customer in Dubai and told them that they may face a little bit of delay, though they weren't happy about it.

As soon as I got the boxes, I started doing the paper work for export. And I finished it by the next day. So in the next morning I called DHL to schedule a pick up. The guy on the phone asked me for my phone number, my address and my name at least 10 times and while he put me on hold he mistakenly forwarded me through some other department. it took me 20 minutes to schedule a pick up!!!!!
So the driver showed up to pick up the multipieces shipment. He took a quick look at everything and said that it was all set so he took the boxes. The next day that I was tracking it online, I again saw the message "Shipment is on hold". I called DHL and guess what!; They have lost a couple of pieces on the way between Chatham,ON and Toronto [145 miles apart]. it took them another 6 days to find those lost boxes and in the meanwhile they returned the rest to Chatham, ON. I once called and ordered a claim form and the form has never been mailed or faxed to me. Anyhow after they put their shits back together, yesterday they informed me that the pieces are all back together and it was the driver's fault that he did not put copies of waybill# on the pieces (I have written both the address and the waybill number with a red marker on all th epieces, How am I supposed to believe that Bullshit) and they are ready to send it to Dubai. Though, just today I saw another "Shipment on hold message"!!!!!!!!
I haven't called them yet and honestly I am sick and tired of calling these useless bitches again.

So far, it's been 11 days almost.
They are the biggest fuck up of all the couriers here in Canada. DONT EVER USE 'EM


They all have issues and they all have their little niche on what they do best. UPS has the most extensive network of drivers so these guys saying how much better UPS is than Fed Ex or DHL probably live out in the middle of nowhere. While Fed Ex has the best express services domestically and DHL is hands down the best internationally. So depending on your needs should determine which one you use for your specific shipments. But you can find someone with a similiar terrible story for each one of these couriers, so basically none of them are perfect at everything. And these guys posting their sob stories saying how much better one is than the other sound more like employees who work for one of the competing companies.


I actually work in sales for DHL. They are going through some tough times right now in the US. The whole Airborne merger has been a big mess...but most mergers are.

People mentioned billing problems as a problem with DHL...and I would agree this is a major issue. Our service has vastly improved since January but we still need work on customer automation (affects shippers not receivers) and billing.

In the US market FED is probably the best for air service. For ground all are about the same when it comes to service. UPS damages more shipments and doesn't really care much about the smaller shippers but is the best for residential and/or rural deliveries. DHL still rules the international market.

I enjoyed reading people's comments here. By the way...on a side note notice the colors of this message board! Yellow and Red are DHL colors...ha!


Dhlsales :Thanks for dropping by. YOu should this to all your DHL Sales force and ask them to also comment !! In fact send to you competitors too.. I see a number of deterimental comments coming in from all sides for these 3 players !!

Lets see if they actually belive that the billing problem is something that needs rectifications. Afterall, the purpose of Mergers is for organic growth in Business. So if the Value Propositions streamed towards customers is anoying then growth is negated and you lose coustomers.


Hello there! I am not a shipper and I do not own a business. I am a consumer here and I want to share my experience from the recieving end. I live in New Orleans and I buy stuff online quite a bit and have had deliveries from all three of these carriers.

Fedex is the best for express delivery and take better care of packages overall. They have the friendliest drivers too. UPS is pretty good. A little rougher on packages but everything comes intact. Packages arrive pretty much on time and If there is a problem or delay I can usually get it resolved without much trouble.Drivers are pretty friendly but you can tell they are 'in a hurry'. As for DHL....I cannot stand them. They are absolutely horrible!. I can't tell you how thier drivers behave because I have never actually seen one come to my door.

I ordered a $250 printer from about six weeks ago. The printer was packaged and processed by Outpost in a professional manner. It was shipped on time and I was forwarded the tracking number(DHL) by Outpost. The day before the printer was scheduled to arrive I left the house as I had to run errands all day. I really didn't want to go out because it was raining and miserable ALL DAY. I left in the morning and came home about 6pm. What do I see sitting in front of my door in the rain? Yes! The printer. Just sitting there completely unattended, in the the rain which had now become a constant drizzle. The box was not even an unmarked box but the original printer box with HP and Hewlett Packard written all over it with pictures of the printer and people using the printer and smiling and all that!The box was also quite soggy from the rain! I could NOT believe the DHL driver would leave this sitting in FRONT of my house unattended like that IN THE RAIN! It's not like he left it and it started raining later..It had been raining all over the city ALL DAY! I don't live in the best neighborhood. It's not the worst and reasonably safe but not safe enough to leave a 250 dollar printer just sitting out in plain view of the sidewalk and street for anyone to just walk up and steal! I think think the only reason why nobody DID steal it is because it was raining all day and noone was outside! I immediately went inside and checked the tracking info to find out when it was 'delivered'. The tracking info said that the package had been delivered at 1:15 pm! The box had been sitting outside unattended in the rain all that time!

I called DHL the following day to complain and basically they really couldn't have cared less.As long as the printer still worked (amazingly it did) they considered it all good. Now I am afraid to shop at I like them but I believe they only use DHL for shipping and I'm not about to waste my hard earned money buying stuff there no matter how good they are if my merchandise will be treated so poorly by the delivery carrier they chose. Not worth the gamble.I was lucky with the printer but it could have been alot worse.

I really don't have any horror stories about the other carriers-only a couple blips on the radar.UPS delivered a package to me a day late once. I called when I didn't recieve the package and saw a message on the tracker saying something to the effect of unable to deliver. The rep who answered the phone was very nice and she told me she would put on her Sherlock hat and find out what happened. She called me back within 15 minutes and told me that the package had been put on the wrong truck and that the driver had returned the package to the dist. center. She had my package in her hand and told me I could either pick it up from the dist. center which is located less than 10 miles from my home or they would deliver it the next day. The lady was very nice, professional and apologetic. I did recieve my package the next day as promised.

As a consumer here's what I would like to see from the three major carriers. From all three carriers ..I wish they could offer a smaller delivery window for packages. It's not cool to have to be anchored to your home all day waiting for a package.It's also not cool to miss your delivery three days straight because you cannot stay home all day (folks do have work and school to deal with) and have to drive AAAAAAAALLL the way to the distribution center to get it. The center for Fedex is a good half hour to forty-five minute drive away in my case. I know that's a BIG WISH but who knows? It could happen someday. I'd also like to see more accurate package tracking. It's pretty good but slow to update at times. I'd like UPS to go a little easier on the packages.I'd like DHL to get a clue. They are hopeless.Thank you for listening to my rant/humble opinion. :-)


Have used ups fedex dhl and usps for a variety of shipments. Fed is very quick, but too expensive. Ups is slow and steep in price but very good about leaving in a safe place. Dhl, which I was skeptical about but had to try delivered a second day by 9:30 am the next day. Not bad and cheap. Usps is by far the slowest but also very cheap. My best advice to any reciever is to leave a note on your primary entrance the morning after ordering with your name, phone number, and information on where to leave the package whether you will be there or not. Has worked without incident for me.


I would personally consider there to be 4 shipment services, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL.

My ranking order: (Good to awful)


DHL has got to be the worst shipping agents I have ever used to send out items and receive items from. They ALWAYS deliver the package late or literally just dump it on my door. I can't stand anything sent by DHL, for it makes me cringe whether or not my item will arrive.

Fedex has been good to me, and ironically the United States Postal Service is also as good.

George Spelvin

I am a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer. ("FFL") I ordered two pistols for a customer. They were left across the street, on a neighbor's porch, and I happened to find them there two days later. FedEx was the shipper. Their records show that I signed for them.

You can use your imagination to fill in the rest of the story.

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