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I am a farmer of thoughts and ideas, for a Business Enterprise, a Project Manager. View My Resume (102.5K)

I Strategize and Landscape in various vertical segments. Most of my projects are meshed together with a high degree of technology and innovations.

My current folio is in the vertical segment of Supply Chain and Int'l Trade Services. I strategize value propositions in upstream and downstream channels. When creating Trade Partner Channels, it's very interesting, because we are tasked to produce streams which are in compliance with many Government organizations like, Border Services Agency of Canada , Customs Border Patrol of US, World Trade Organization and the like.

What’s interesting in my arena, is that there are so many changes with both Government Rules and regulations. Plus with the changing edge of technology, makes the field dyanmic to create an innovative synergy. Thus an, "an interesting to work within" paradigm.

Currently, my personal areas of interest are onto RFID’s, SCMv2.0 and Web2.0 and its related new services. I belive the future is here, but just not evenly distributed.

I hold a M.Sc. in Systems Management, Certified by CCRA as a “Qualified Status Broker”, Certified in Import/Export Procedures by DFAIT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Int’l Trade, Canada). At times, I work with the Governments Directorate's- 'Policy Plannings' and 'Major Projects Office', plus with Fortune500 Companies. My white papers are always confidential and require NDA's.

Right now, I don't dabble much in coding and past life worked with Prolog (C, Java , TCL/tk (beta tester for nerual networking code). My thesis write was on IPv6 Networking. Did some R&D echelon, with IDS and Pix506 series. Landing zones are normally Solaris and ERP platforms. Currently involved with beta Flavored Yahoo, Goole and JotSpot. I am always interested in bleeding edge technogloies, which right now is WEB2.0 and RFID technologies.

I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. The North America’s is the 4th continent that has been blessed with my footprints. I have traveled through Asia, Middle East and Europe.

I was born in Banaglore, India,in our home at Magadi Road. Dad was a Policeman and Mom was a Teacher. God bless their soul's.

I value Intergrity, Truth and Trust.



Innovations, KnowledgementMangement, Strategy Cutting Edge Technology, Supply Chains and my personal obvervations as I go through Life.