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November 29, 2004



Thanks for engaging me in a dialogue on this topic.

You are compartmentalizing "innovation" to a single industry, in this case IT. I am aware that the mantra for IT of late is to innovate, innovate. But what about say, corporate accounting services? The "creative accounting" that we saw earlier in this decade were certainly innovative, but had the same ill effect as trying to "live on bread alone" would have to the human body.

And while that may be well and good for IT, can you truly say that "innovation" is the only thing IT needs to do to be successful in the long-term? And is there no room for say, "kaizen" in such a system?

RE: "Finish line", I said long ago in one of my blog posts that there is no "there". Dell didn't become #1 and close up shop, having met that stated objective. NASA didn't cease operation after the Moon landing.

One more thing: "Offshoring", like all actions, comes at a cost. I will not take a side pro/con on this issue, because like all things, there is a time for it, and in other cases, it either cannot or should not be done.

My thoughts about the Tom Peters PDF were certainly rough-hewn, and I will have at least one follow-up post soon.



Thanks Effern. I'll respond directly on your comments sections. apoliges for this to/fro swing of comments :)-

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