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May 03, 2005


Susan Kitchens

hey there! I'm investigating my server logs and am looking for hijacking... i.e., people who serve my images from their sites. I know you link to me and all, but I would prefer it if you didn't insert images from my site onto yours. I get the bandwidth hit when ever anyone loads your web page. Please stop. (Go ahead and save the image to your own server and serve it yourself. It's NASA stuff, tho I altered it.)

If I can succeed in following through all the motions, I'll be setting up an auto-redirect that'll substitute a "stop-thief!" image in the future. For those who simply steal I don't mind changing their sites without advance notice, but I consider you a "friendly" and so am saying this in your comments.




Susan, updated my postings. Not problem I can live with the 'stolen attriubtion' -- have been called worse names before :)-

nope, I an't harbouring a grudge with you on this. Just thought it would be funny to keep your image and still steal so more bandwidth from you :0-

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