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May 24, 2006


Jesse Newland

Seems my Google Calendar iCal file is also reporting events as occuring in the 'America/Los_Angeles' time zone. I figured that this was a result of the Google Calendar servers being in sunny Mountain View.


Thanks for the feed back Jesse

I thought it was only me :)-


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I had the exact same problem. I started playing around with things. Go to "manage calendars" and choose the calendar you are sharing, then change the time zone for that calendar, save it, go back and change the time zone to what it should be.

In my case, I had my calendar "work" set to GMT-6 (central) but the shared calendar that everyone else saw was displaying Los Angeles (GMT-8). I changed the time zone for the "work" calendar to GMT-4, saved it, refreshed my shared calendar, went back to calendar settings and changed the time zone for the "work" calendar back to GMT-6. Low and behold, it worked. They now display correctly.

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