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July 19, 2006


Rusty Shackleford

The least the Indians could do was spell my blog url correctly!!!


Hi Peter, thanks for doing all this work! It's very strange, the list of sites they chose to ban. None of the ones I know have ever said anything that would be seen as insulting to India in the least--in fact, quite the opposite. Islamic extremists, YES. Not that it should matter who it offends, of course.

The Common Folk Common Sense blog IS an American blog, but switched from Blogspot to their own domain (http://www.commonfolkusingcommonsense.com/). A lot of bloggers who switch from Blogspot to their own domain cancel their Blogger accounts, and then their old Blogspot URL gets snatched up, usually by a spammer/splogger. That's apparently the case here. Same thing happened with Merri Musings when she moved from Typepad (although at least she got her nasty squatter kicked off Typepad).

And it looks like Princess Kimberley (it IS Kimberley, with an "e") had the same thing happen. Look at this:
Apparently this Tony guy is just some jerk that snatches up blog addresses. I know for a fact that it used to belong to someone else, but I have no idea where she went. She probably got tired of death threats from Islamists.


Rusty--> don't shot the messenage, I am just working the list :)-

Beth, your correct. None of these sites warrent a ban. But thats my opinion only and I think I am right as many have said the same. For whatever reason's the GOI have decided to continue to enforce the ban on these sites.

The Great Indian Mutiny

There is more at play here than a 'ban'


Great articel with good information thank you.

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