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September 03, 2006


James  Governor

i was talking to my mum this weekend. she was saying how many people she knew with 18/19 year olds were finding them "going off the rails" - too lazy to get a job, drug-oriented, and so on. I asked her about me at that age, thinking i was kind of a pest. she said oh no you were really easy. i was responsible to myself, but also my mom, evidently, and now to my wife and son, perhaps the most last off all. its not that i am responsible for him, so much as responsible to him.


James, thanks for the comments!! yes, I am still finding it dificult to belive that I was termed as unresponsible man, becuase, I was not in a position in being "response able"

and yes, i agree responsilbity is most "to" a person and not "for" a person..

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