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November 23, 2006


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You know, Paige Afshar left her husband on Christmas Day of 2006. Just walked out. Not exactly one to restore faith in family. Poor Todd.

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Speaking of stoners, I had a coworker who had the exact model shown, same color even, bought new. He told me he could roll a joint, and steer with his knees on his annual road trip to California. I usually did the rolling when I was a passenger. Peppy little car. He liked it very much.

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What a great Christmas lunch table decoration. How lovely to have everyone's name on a piece ready to serve a little surprise gift :)

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For some people the highways became a funny trip and never think of care they must to have every time they go over there. I do expect some separation of views between the introverts and extroverts, but don't know if your unscientific poll will be able to discern that distinction. Should be interesting to see your next post reveals.


I was searching for posts on either fitness and cycling when I came across this blog. Not quite what i was looking for but I will give it **** for effort.

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Still sounds intriguing, glad to have overcome that year.

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