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November 29, 2006



Sorry to hear that... :(

Perhaps doing a couple job searches on Monster and Hot Jobs would find a nice one. Starting your own biz would be nice too. :D

Good luck and have a fun trip.


Thanks Haochi, yeah I'll job hunt when I get back and certainly will change my vertical. opporuntunity to re-invent myself.. may work for a charity org in the south americas.. take a year and do something which serves the under previdelged !!

dunna yet, but these are good cross roads that fate has brought me too :)-

Felix Gerena

Keep up the spirit, Peter. I've gone through that, too and the more unexpected it is the bigger the shock.

Tell us about your feelings in the following months.

Pat Phelan

just send you a mail Peter
hope it helps


Hi Peter. I am so sorry tohear that news. I will keep and ear open for you. I wish you all the best in the future and have a safe and wonderful trip. :)

Mylene M

It was a real sad day for me to come back to the office today knowing you and Kim will not be there.... and yesterday was so tough witnessing you and Kim "being let go" - the two who are dearest and closest to me! I was in a state of shock after Kim left that I couldn't even drive, I was trembling. Whatever they say, it won't be the same anymore in the Regional office. Yes, I believe both of you are gonna be fine...because things happen for a reason. What is important is the "wonderful friendship" you left behind. Take care always and keep in touch. I will truly miss you both!

Mylene M

Rob Schaumer

Everything happens at just the right moment. You are an independent success waiting to happen. Have a good trip, keep us posted (is that considered a pun)on all the fun you have. Looking forward to future reading of your great accomplishments.


Closed doors new beginnings..

I happen to blog this last october and I find the words so true.


Anyway, I know you'll make it anywhere..goodluck!

See you soon! knock knock Schenky!

God bless!

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