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January 15, 2007


James  Governor

create something. running your own company is the best feeling in the world. you can start leveraging your sphere contacts even more effectively. lemme know if there is anything i can do

James  Governor

well maybe not the best feeling in the world... but you know what i mean


hehehe.. I hear James !!

Thanks for the headsup.. yes, I feel good about doing this thing.. so it must be good, but at the same time, its always a risk too :)-

Rob Schaumer

Hi Peter,

Glad to see you had a good vacation.

I just wrote a post that I think you will really relate to.


Thanks for the plug and good luck with your Free Agent Success.


Nursing pajamas

Well, goodluck as a free agent!..Just be yourself always and take time to listen to any advices and suggestions from others especially persons who are the same with your field and by that, you will learn a lot.

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