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March 19, 2007



Just wondering if I should stop giving my cat Friskies wet chicken food as it contains Wheat Glutin? The beef and seafood do not show any W.G. Thanks


Is it safe to feed by Cat Purina LUV as I see it contains wheat gluten, both the chicken and Salmon Flavour?
For what I can read the Purina Friskies does not contain wheat gluten, is that correct?


yes to the best of my knowledge Purina.ca wet food products for CAT's are not effected. Double check the Site, as there has been more recalls.. just for saftey measure !!

Carrol Hatch

Please spell my dog's name correctly. It is Chaucer. He was named after Geoffery Chaucer who wrote Cantebury Tales.

Dale Schieser Miller

I hope I'm writing to the proper customer service. This is in regard to the new Friskies "Select" canned pet food that is appearing on the market. The meat is mixed with "barley" or "brown rice" and garden greens. I can tell you from past experiences, none of my 7 cats will touch the "so-called" natural ingredients which gives me the feeling that I will need to look elsewhere for meaty wet food. I have been a Friskies user for years and hate seeing you cater to the so-called California natural food person. Just remember, you are feeding cats who are carnivores, not their masters who are frantically seeking "all natural" in their own food. This California lifestyle shouldn't be forced on the poor cat.

Dale Schieser Miller


Dale, you have not reached the customer service area of Purina. I am just a blogger and cat lover.

Speak to their PR Specialist Jenine LaFayette, PR Communications Specialis, she will be able to give you some insight onto who to contact


I need to know how to contact Purina! My dog is deathly ill and the only thing the vet can find is that her dog food is bad - she won't even touch it any more, and her kidneys are failing, she's peeing all over, isn't eating but is vomiting, and nothing is working! She's only 3 years old, a boxer, and has been tested for other diseases - I want to send them this food so they can test it and talk to someone before she dies!!


I am trying to help a young boyscout involved with a private animal rescue. Purina rep sent 1 bag of cat & dog food! I am looking for a great amt of food, leches, collars,beds, Flea/tick, Hw products, shampoos anything at all. I work for Farmers in Rich, Va and have exhausted my resouces, Please help this young man. Anythng you can donate our info is on farmers.vetcom Please let me kow either way. Think of the PR on TV, newspaper and radio which "I" can get done. If you want PR I can make sure a delivery could be on TV< Radio and paper. It oould make Ntl TV who knows how far it coulfd go


Kate from Farmers again, this message goes to anyone that reads it. Even if it a used collar, leash bed , etc. 1 bag of food 1 can of food. It can be dropped off at the hospital. ck our website farmersvet.com or call 8043295553 Thanks NOT GIVING UP on Adam thanks Kate


I have a question about the Purina indoor cat formula. I tried this formula and both of my healthy cats began to loose weight. The same thing happened to a friends cat.

Has anyone else had the same problem. What's up with this formula? It seems to lack protein.


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I have a coupon for Purina Little Bites and am not sure if it will work for Purina Indoor Complete Little Bites. I researched on line and the packaging is a bit different

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I have a coupon for Purina Little Bites and am not sure if it will work for Purina Indoor Complete Little Bites. I researched on line and the packaging is a bit different


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the cat looks so cute! i want that cat right now. LOL

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Adorable butterfly on the "giggle" card! Have a wonderful week! ♥♥ Kay

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very funny, i have the gigle card indeed.
will follow your suggestion.

Alexis Armstrong

I have a 13 year Pembroke Welsh Corgi who I switched foods on a couple of years back to Purina Beniful and would never go back to the previous one he has more energy, coat is shiny can take 2 steps at a time walk forever when we are out he had a skin condition which has disappeared and there is no sigh of him slowing down thank-you for such a wonderful product my daughter uses the puppy one and her dog is thriving

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What a fantastic thinking. I can wait to give it a shot ASAP after I get the pattern. Thank you for your punctuality on posting the tips which really help a lot!

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the cat is so cute! is it really true that PURINA has bad food Im a new owner of 2 kittens and im just a bit worried.
A cat clinic, or veterinarian clinic, is a place where your cats health is cared for when it is suffering from some type of illness or needs to undergo surgery. This article will discuss some of the internal parasites that can be treated at a cat clinic.

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Such a brilliant mind.

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what a funny face have that cat jajajaja, I don't know you, but in my case I love cats in fact I consider it like the best pet in the world, ey I don't disparagement the dog, dog is the friend of the men, but the cat can take care of itself.

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My cat loves Purina. She became healthier when she started taking it.

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I think that this was wonderful,I really like it ,I want to have the chance of get a new cat!

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I work for Farmers in Rich, Va and have exhausted my resouces, Please help this young man.

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